Eco Church action for the week


Actions for February 2021

February 7th
Pledge to buy meat from animals which are grass fed and not from soya which is mostly grown in Brazil and Paraguay involving deforestation and community displacement.

February 14th
Try to join the Lent study course: Caring for Creation, as detailed in the newsletter. It consists of five weekly sessions to be held on Zoom at 4pm from Sunday 21st February until 21st March. Please contact Rev. Carol if you would like to join any of the sessions and she will let you have a copy of the course booklet.

February 21st
Much of UKs offshore waters are protected areas but many are subject to bottom trawling which destroys marine habitats, reduces recovery of fish stocks and releases huge amounts of carbon. Support organisations such as the Marine Conservation Society and Greenpeace as they pressurise the government to stop this as part of its post Brexit fishing policy. 

February 28th
Eating fish might seem a good option from eating meat. However some fish labelled ‘sustainably sourced’ may come from bottom trawling and “marine protected areas”. Check with your local fishmonger who should know exactly where his fish comes from and read labels carefully.