Eco Church action for the week


Actions for June 2024

2nd June

Composting is a great way to recycle the organic waste we generate at home. It produces free compost which improves soil health and better plant growth in your garden. Learn the best way to do it by attending the composting talk in Church on Tuesday.

9th June

Sign up for one of the Great Big Green events this week or join our bug hunt today to learn about the wildlife in our church garden and share the ways that you help nature in your garden.

16th June

Swift populations are in decline, for the most part caused by the loss of their usual homes under the eaves as a result of house renovations.  Last week Lancaster City signed a Swift charter becoming a Swift City and calling on new buildings to include a swift brick where feasible. Could you help by installing a swift box on your house and encourage your neighbours to do the same.

23rd June

June is a time to enjoy the long daylight hours and to listen to nature that is buzzing, singing and rustling all around you. It’s a joyful time when all nature is at its best and your sense of well-being improves. Most of all its a time to witness God’s Creation and be moved by the Holy Spirit to play your part in its care.

30th June

We often think that are our efforts to be more sustainable are insignificant and will not stop climate change. However as we know from history, individual action can drive culture change and ultimately influence politicians and businesses. So please keep up your small actions every day and contribute to a larger wave of change.