Eco Church action for the week


Actions for August 2021

August 1st
Extreme weather events are on the increase.  Pacific Northwest areas of US states and Canada experienced the hottest temperatures on record in June. Even Siberia is on fire.  Pray for our planet and that politicians will deliver real actions to meet the climate emergency.

August 8th
Jacobabad in Pakistan is considered one of the places most vulnerable to climate change.  It has endured temperatures above 50°and is one of two places on earth to have officially passed a threshold hotter than the human body can stand. Pray for the people living in these conditions and for the politicians who can make a difference.

August 15th
Indonesia has suffered over 1,000 natural disaster events this year including flooding and landslides, affecting five million people. Much of Asia is experiencing similar events. Unprecedented levels of rainfall in China and Western Europe has caused dramatic flooding leading to loss of life and destruction of homes and  infrastructure. The UK  is also subject to coastal erosion and flooding with London being the most recent to suffer.  Discuss your concerns about these worldwide events with others and make your voice heard in whatever way you can.

August 22nd
Madagascar like a number of other countries in sub Saharan Africa is suffering from the most acute drought in four decades plus experiencing cyclones, dust storms, and locusts which for some families are the only source of food.  Madagascar is now heading for a climate linked famine it did not create and thousands are migrating north to escape starvation. Consider supporting charities that are working to help.

August 29th
Australia has experienced stark contrasts in weather conditions including horrendous bush fires, prolonged periods of drought, heavy rain, floods and thunderstorms which completely destroyed the famous Byron Bay beach. The Prime Minister faces pressure from G7 partners over the government’s unambitious targets, and the country’s status as a major fossil fuel producer and exporter. Pray that this significant power recognises the impact of its considerable carbon emissions on its own population, unique wildlife and the rest of the planet.