Welcome to Christ Church

Welcome to our church! We are a group of people of all ages and backgrounds who worship God as part of a lively and serving church.  Our Mission Statement says that we are a vibrant inclusive worshipping community:

vibrant because we are lively and enjoy laughter!

inclusive because everyone is welcome irrespective of age, gender, relationship history, sexuality or ethnicity;

worshipping because we believe that God is good and is to be praised;

and finally community, because we are committed to each other and the wider community.

In the winter months we run the city’s only open-access homeless shelter, 7 days a week from November until March.

We have male and female clergy so there’s always someone to talk to in confidence.

It is very important to us that we are a ‘Child Friendly Church’. This means that babies, children and young people are actively made welcome and encouraged to be part of our church.

We would love to welcome you at any of our services.

Under Contacts you will find contact details for the key people in our church, as well as information about weddings and christenings, and how to rent our hall for your event.