Eco Church action for the week


Actions for December 2023

3rd December

COP 28 is taking place in Dubai and presided over by Dr Sultan al-Jaber, a Minister for UAE and CEO of National Oil Company.  Pray that he can be an impartial influence on the negotiations and at least get the loss and damage fund which was established last year up and running.

10th December

Remember the plight of increasing numbers of people for whom the devastating effects of climate change are a reality. Don’t let them down by slowing your efforts to reduce your carbon footprint and speak out in whatever way you can.

17th December

While you prepare for Christmas pray for those people who are displaced from their homes owing to fire, flood and famine. Even in the UK many will not be able to spend Christmas in their own homes due to flood damage in recent months.

24th December

If you can, make one of your Christmas presents a gift to one of the many charities who are working with those around the world affected by extreme weather events.

31st December

Remember to recycle your unwanted Christmas gifts and wrapping paper or put away to reuse next year.